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Next Plugins to get

Discussion in 'Unturned Discuissions' started by cynicalsinner91, Jun 16, 2017.

By cynicalsinner91 on Jun 16, 2017 at 6:54 AM
  1. cynicalsinner91

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    May 11, 2017
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    Alright folks so with the upcoming changes we are planning I just wanted to list out some of the plugins and discuss the changes we have in store. Please give me your feedback on if you like the idea of the plugins or hate them or suggestions for other plugins as well.


    PlayerStats $25 -> https://imperialplugins.com/Products/ProductDetails?ProductID=22

    This plugin tracks various stats of players.

    Roulette $5 -> https://imperialplugins.com/Products/ProductDetails?ProductID=24

    This is a betting plugin that lets you bet x amount of credits on red green or black. If you hit then you get 2x your amount for red and black or 14x for green.

    Auto Updater $10 -> https://imperialplugins.com/Products/ProductDetails?ProductID=36
    This allows automated updating of rocket and unturned.

    ReportPlugin $9 -> https://imperialplugins.com/Products/ProductDetails?ProductID=38
    This plugin is a in game report plugin.

    LightDonations -> https://imperialplugins.com/Products/ProductDetails?ProductID=44
    This is a paypal donation plugin.

    PlayerStats is the first plugin I'm looking to get because I want to bring online a few ranked servers. Each month or two months, or three months we will give out ranked season rewards. This would more then likely come in the form of a special kit different from the VIP kits.

    Roulette is the second plugin I want to get because this will allow players to gamble their in game credits for the chance of gaining more.

    Auto Updater is the third plugin I would like to get. Having this will automate the process of updating rocket and unturned meaning less downtime for updates.

    ReportPlugin is the fourth plugin I want to pick up. It would allow players to make reports in game as well instead of just our forums.

    LightDonations is the last plugin I would like to get. It is donation plugin which would allow us to automate purchasing of things like VIP and stuff.


Discussion in 'Unturned Discuissions' started by cynicalsinner91, Jun 16, 2017.

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